Composting: Take Two

I asked myself the question that oftentimes leads to life teaching you a very interesting lesson.

I asked how hard could composting be? Get some scraps together, throw ’em in a pile and you’ll have compost, right?

I mean we inadvertently built a compost pile of dry leaves and grass clippings that caught fire in our backyard. That was a scary night! We had just laid down to sleep when I noticed a beautiful warm glow outside my bedroom window. You’ve never seen two people jump out of bed so quick!

So, again I asked, how hard could it be?

Well, composting like gardening is a science. You have to the right ingredients in the right amounts to get compost gold.

I’ve been told I could buy red worms or let them come organically. We’ll see. I’m not sure if red worms live in the clay-filled soil in Southeast Texas.

I’ll keep you posted if we decide to add them to our pile.

Enjoy the video!