Social Responsibility

Committed to being good neighbors and good global citizens

Recycling and Composting

At Alexander Farm & Orchard we believe in being good global citizens and that means being resourceful and lessening waste.

We participate in our neighborhood recycling program and started composting this year. We’re making sure that we reduce what goes into our local landfill.

By the end of the year, we will install a rain barrel to collect rainwater. We’ll use what we collect to water our gardens and trees, thus saving this valuable resource.

What Goes Into Our Soaps

After a bit of research, we stand by our decision not to use palm-oil even those claimed to be responsibly sourced in any of our products. Instead, we use coconut and olive oils and when possible use organic.

 Taking Care of Neighbors

We grow enough food to sustain our family and sell to family and friends. We also donate fresh vegetables to the Cypress Area Ministries Food Pantry.

We know community pantries don’t always get fresh fruit and vegetables to donate to families in need. So, we’re always glad to share what we grow. Fresh fruit and veggies not only satisfy hunger but benefit the health and well-being of these families.


As a Blackwoman-owned business, we absolutely believe that Black Lives Matter and support the rights of people of color to peacefully live, work, play, and exist in our communities. We also believe and affirm that people regardless of their race, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity have the right to peacefully coexist and lead meaningful lives.