Natural Weed Killers

Going green to save the environment can also result in better health and significant money savings. This tip will help you avoid the use of chemical weed killers while having a beautiful lawn or garden.

A healthy lawn will naturally deter weeds and keep them from getting a foothold. So when you take action to make the soil healthier, it will make the grass stronger and the weeds weaker!

Use these natural weed killers to strengthen your lawn and get rid of weeds:

  1. Vinegar and orange oil. Spray this inexpensive solution on your weeds on a hot day to “burn” them off.
  • 1 quart of 10% vinegar
  • 1 oz of orange oil
  • 1 teaspoon of liquid soap
  1. Pour sugar on your weeds. It over-stimulates the microbe action and kills the weed.
  2. Cover a weedy area with newspaper or cardboard and let it decompose.
  3. Compost. Cover weedy areas with compost to fertilize the soil and make the grass healthier.
  4. Aerate the soil. Poking small holes in the soil strengthens your lawn. Do this once each year.
  5. Pull the weeds out by the roots. If you can’t pull them out by the roots, then dig them up so that you get the entire root.
  6. Mow your lawn before the weeds go to seed. This will keep new weeds from growing and works especially well for weeds like dandelions and cockle-burr-type weeds that have to put out seeds for next year’s crop.
  7. Bat guano. Covering an area with bat guano burns off the existing vegetation, but it’s also a great fertilizer for the soil. When your grass grows back in a few months, it comes back lush and green – without weeds.
  8. Add 20 pounds of dried molasses to every 1,000 square feet of lawn. If you’re worried about attracting some pests with the molasses, some minced garlic or chili pepper will send them running. The molasses will make the soil healthier and strengthen the grass.
  9. Cinnamon bark. Powdered cinnamon bark kills crabgrass.

As you can see, with these tips, it’s easy to avoid the poisons, save money, and enjoy a healthy, green lawn all at the same time.

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