Alexander Farm Orchard

About AFAO

Our Story   In 2018, we had a surplus of cucumbers from our backyard garden that we lovingly call Alexander Farm and Orchard. We grow okra, tomatoes, collard greens, and of course cucumber. We have a few citrus trees and we plant enough to sustain our family, share with our local food pantry, and sell […]

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Tallow Week 2020

Tallow Week 2020 is done! This is our first year of intentionally setting aside a whole week to render beef tallow and make all of our winter soaps for the season. Cherry’s Bar, Peppermint Hot Chocolate, and Winter’s Bliss. Setting the last week of October as #TallowWeek means we can make large quantities of our […]

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Natural Weed Killers

Going green to save the environment can also result in better health and significant money savings. This tip will help you avoid the use of chemical weed killers while having a beautiful lawn or garden. A healthy lawn will naturally deter weeds and keep them from getting a foothold. So when you take action to […]

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Why You Should Eat More Veggies

Most doctors and health professionals will agree: there are no foods healthier than vegetables. The trouble is, most people find that eating vegetables on a daily basis challenging. Think back to when you were a kid, and you couldn’t leave the table till you had eaten your lima beans. Or carrots. Or Brussel sprouts. Either […]

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What If Women Were Relaxed?

I was listening to Elizabeth Gilbert deliver her keynote address. Yes, that Elizabeth Gilbert! The author of Eat Pray Love. She was addressing hundreds of businesswomen at the 2018 National Association of Women Business Owner’s Conference. She asked us what words would we use to describe women. Strong was the word that kept echoing around […]

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