Adding Houseplants to My Own Sacred Space

I decided to take my own advice.

In June 2020, I wrote about our homes being our sanctuaries and sacred spaces.

And while I had fresh flowers on occasion, I only had one live house plant. A Bird of Paradise named Ben.

So I began my quest to fill my home with houseplants I couldn’t kill. I had orchids. Note the word HAD. Those things were so delicate and so temperamental. Even with a few years of successful outdoor gardening under my belt, I’m still not ready to commit to anything that can’t survive a bit of over or under-watering.

I wanted the beauty of houseplants and flowers but didn’t want to yet again commit herbicide against another living thing.

My first new plant baby is George—a ficus lyrata. He was in reasonable shape but needed some TLC. I did some pruning and repotted him a great organic potting soil with lots of good compost.


I thought George looked a little lonely in the corner by himself so I brought his brother Ben—the Birds of Paradise from upstairs so they would have company.

Then, I found Adrianna. A Philodendren scandens from Brazil. Adrianna was in bad shape. She was sitting on a clearance table at a big box retailer. She needed lots of TLC. As I was removing her from her very small pot, I found her sister, Maria. She hadn’t sprouted leaves yet so I repotted her in her own container.


And now my home, my sanctuary, my sacred space has four new houseplants adding to its beauty and I’m loving it. Here’s a family portrait.


Show me your plant babies! Even the ones in need of a little care!

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