Tallow Week 2020

Tallow Week 2020 is done! This is our first year of intentionally setting aside a whole week to render beef tallow and make all of our winter soaps for the season. Cherry’s Bar, Peppermint Hot Chocolate, and Winter’s Bliss. Setting the last week of October as #TallowWeek means we can make large quantities of our winter soaps and they have adequate time to cure before winter really sets in.

The very first soaps were always made with the fat of animals so that nothing of the animal was wasted. And I’m a firm believer in nothing being wasted. Our local butcher would typically throw out this lovely fat, but instead, it made these beautiful loaves. And beef tallow in the soap makes for a highly moisturizing bar, and that’s perfect for combating dry, winter skin.

20 Pounds of Rendered Tallow

This year we rendered 20 pounds of beef tallow and these are all the soaps made. I’ve got a small bit of tallow left to make a small batch but otherwise, this is it!

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