National Winter Skin Relief Day

For those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere, we’re experiencing cold, dry, winter weather. Winter snowstorms have trekked through part of the country while rain and wind impact others. And all of this cold, wet, dry weather can irritate our skin. So, today was set aside as a national reminder to take care of […]

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Tallow Week 2020

Tallow Week 2020 is done! This is our first year of intentionally setting aside a whole week to render beef tallow and make all of our winter soaps for the season. Cherry’s Bar, Peppermint Hot Chocolate, and Winter’s Bliss. Setting the last week of October as #TallowWeek means we can make large quantities of our […]

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Why You Should Eat More Veggies

Most doctors and health professionals will agree: there are no foods healthier than vegetables. The trouble is, most people find that eating vegetables on a daily basis challenging. Think back to when you were a kid, and you couldn’t leave the table till you had eaten your lima beans. Or carrots. Or Brussel sprouts. Either […]

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What If Women Were Relaxed?

I was listening to Elizabeth Gilbert deliver her keynote address. Yes, that Elizabeth Gilbert! The author of Eat Pray Love. She was addressing hundreds of businesswomen at the 2018 National Association of Women Business Owner’s Conference. She asked us what words would we use to describe women. Strong was the word that kept echoing around […]

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It’s Butter Baby!

Growing up, cocoa butter was the go-to remedy for skin conditioning and removing the dark spots from knees and elbows that constantly got scrapped as a kid. My grandmother, the unforgettable Nana Brown always had plenty on hand. Before leaving for school, our morning ritual including the daily anointing of my knees because I was […]

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Tallow Soaps

Tallow soaps are soaps made with animal fat. It’s how all soaps were made for centuries. It’s a holistic approach to soap making because nothing of the animal gets wasted and I can appreciate that. Being the city girl turned suburban gardener/farmer that I am, I knew I wanted to make a tallow soap and […]

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