What If Women Were Relaxed?

I was listening to Elizabeth Gilbert deliver her keynote address.

Yes, that Elizabeth Gilbert! The author of Eat Pray Love.

She was addressing hundreds of businesswomen at the 2018 National Association of Women Business Owner’s Conference.

She asked us what words would we use to describe women.

Strong was the word that kept echoing around the room. Louder and louder as women agreed with this unanimous decision.

Gilbert said it’s a given that women are strong.

Look at all we do.

Some of us are mothers, we’re partners, we run businesses, manage households, some of us have careers, we’re caregivers.

Yea, we’re strong.

But then she asked this question.

What if women were relaxed?


She went on to explain that in martial arts the most powerful person in the room isn’t the strongest person or even the fastest or most skilled person in the room.

The most powerful person in the room is the most relaxed person in the room.

Let that sink in for a moment.

A relaxed person is in total control. They’re not stressed. They’re not worried. They’ve found their breath and they’re content at that very moment.

So, I ask you, when was the last time you felt relaxed?

Because I know you’re strong. You’re handling this pandemic, economic uncertainty, and outcry for social justice like a champ. (Yea, you are.) And that’s on top of everything else you do.

But are you relaxed?

This idea of being relaxed is something I strive for in my own life. To trust and just be. Even in the midst of all this uncertainty.

This idea of women relaxing is part of the reason Alexander Farm & Orchard exists.

We wanted to create products that help women relax and take care of themselves. We’ve even expanded to sharing tips and recipes that will help you find and cultivate your relaxed state.

Because what would happen if women were not only strong but relaxed?

What if we showed up in our lives, our businesses, our workplaces, our relationships, completely and utterly relaxed?

Ponder the possibilities.

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